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Estancia Iberá

Esteros del Iberá,

Estancia Iberá is a Livestock farm located steps from Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, in the heart of Iberá lagoon portal. This area, made up of varied landscapes such as lagoons, wetlands and wide grasslands, invites along with its abundant fauna to enjoy nature tourism activities.

Estancia Iberá


This residence area offers three fully equipped houses, where you can organise activities to suit you, hiring the services that local providers offer in the Gran Parque Iberá.

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Casa Iberá

Up to 6 people in 3 rooms.

Casa Yurumi

Up to 4 people in a room and a bunk bed in the living room.

Casa Miriñay

They are two apartments with private bathrooms but share the kitchen.
Maximum capacity of 6 people per wing.


All of them have the kitchen utensils,
towels, and linens.

Private parking, limited Internet,
electric and wood heating.

How to get

Buenos Aires 800 km
Corrientes 360 km
Posadas 205 km
Mercedes 119 km
Carlos Pellegrini 5 km
Iguazú 495 km
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Natural Values

Estancia Iberá is managed by Rewilding Experience, part of The Conservation Land Trust, a social company that allocates its income to restoration ecological work carried out by Rewilding Argentina fundation.

Nature tourism offers a new alternative for economic development for local communities, with ecotourism activities based on the native fauna observation.

For that reason, if we add to this, local production foods that it done with sustentable practices, we may be able to closen to a new type of economic system.

All productive activity that does not take into account the the environment care, it will only generate wealth in the near future, and poverty in the long term.


Our team will advise you so that you can enjoy the activities that Colonia Carlos Pellegrini offers and the Iberá Wetlands from different perspectives, day and night, by water and by land.

The variety of excursions guarantee sightings in a protected area with more than 4000 wild species that coexist with humans.


Birds, marsh deers, capybaras, yacares caiman, keep your camera in hand, because you navigate in the lagoon and in streams, you will be able to observe all the Iberá fauna living in their natural state. In addition to the curious embalmed and aquatic plants.

Fauna sighting & safaris

Without doubting the greatest attraction of Iberá is its abundant fauna that is easy to spot, from the water, on foot, aboard a vehicle or riding a horse this will be an unforgettable experience.

Night safaris

Night safaris allow us to see all the fauna that is activated at nightfall, Foxes, Aguara Pope, Skunks, Armadillos, Gray brocket deer, Capybaras and night birds.


The walks on Iberá water bodies allow you to enjoy the fauna and flora from a different perspective, including peculiar sounds that are perceived from these immense aquatic bodies.

Horseback riding

Local villagers invite you to enjoy the nature of Iberá and visit places that are difficult to access in the way they have historically done: riding meek horses.

Cultural tours

All the Iberá is represented in Carlos Pellegrini community. Its sandy streets, its people and its stories, and its local gastronomy are the ideal complement to a stay immersed in nature.


The Iberá Provincial Park and the Iberá National Park offer a vast network of trails, where it is possible to observe the native flora and fauna traveling through the native mountains and grasslands of this region.

Bird sighting

With more than 360 species of birds, Iberá is a paradise for lovers of this activity. Yellow Cardinal, Narrow-billed woodcreeper, Brown cachalote, Firewood gatherer, Lark-like brushrunner, Stripe-crowned spinetail, White monjita, Black-capped donacobius, American kestrel, Crowned Eagle, Rufous-rumped seedeater, Chestnut seedeater, and many other species of birds will complete this fascinating experience.

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